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Root Canal

Diagram of tooth showing tooth rootWhen a root canal is performed, it will assist in removing bacteria that has accumulated in a tooth and will stop any infection from recurring. As a root canal is done it will include removing the pulp of the tooth, and the inside will be cleaned, filled, and then sealed.

Often referred to as an endodontic treatment, the root canal is very serious and is often taken care of by a specialist. If you are looking to have a root canal performed, then the specialists at Cambridgeside Dental Associates will set you up with an appointment to see what options you have.

Is A Root Canal Painful

Normally, anesthesia is provided, so the amount of pain will be equal to a normal procedure a dentist performs. Regardless, there may be a bit of soreness once the procedure is completed.

When A Root Canal Is Needed

When a dentist considers a root canal as being necessary, it will be due to the tooth being damaged in some way. Root canals will be needed when the patient begins to feel sensitivity to both hot and cold items.

Prior to a root canal being done, you may experience some distinct symptoms. A few of these symptoms include decay, gums becoming tender, chewing becoming painful, or tooth sensitivity.

Can Normal Activities Be Resumed

Following a root canal, you can expect some lingering numbness lasting for at least 2 hours. Many patients may resume their normal activities such as going to school.

You need to keep in mind that you need to be careful and not eat anything while feeling numb. If you do eat, make sure that it is only soft food.

What Is The Price For A Root Canal

The cost may be an important factor in determining if you should get a root canal. The amount of the root canal may also be determined by which tooth is involved.

If a molar is affected, there may be some more effort needed for treatment to be successful. Make sure that your dental coverage includes endodontic procedures.

Normally, a root canal will be less as far as price is concerned. This is because having the alternative (extraction) performed, will involve more effort.

If an extraction does take place, then an implant will need to be placed in order for normal chewing to return. The need for an implant is what will increase the price you will pay.

Length Of Time It Takes To Conduct A Root Canal

Having a root canal may depend on how much infection is present. This may also require you to have at least 2 separate appointments to complete the process.

Normally, the average appointment time needed for a root canal is 1 hour. Depending on the tooth's size, your dentist may need additional time.

If The Root Canal Fails

Having a root canal that fails is never a good thing. If yours does fail, the dentists at Cambridgeside Dental Associates will go over the available options. Give us a call at 857-588-1210, and we will make your root canal our priority.

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