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During your first visit to a dentist in Somerville, what you can expect from Cambridge Dental Associates is a thorough consultation that will explain all of your options as far as the diagnosis and treatment. If you would like treatment, then you will need an evaluation and a second appointment for your medical history as well as a treatment plan just so you can set up the treatment on a different day. But if it is an emergency and you require it, the professionals at Cambridge Dental Associates will be able to perform their treatment plan on the same day as your initial visit. Just alert the office ahead of time if possible, and also be sure to include any medical conditions, such as previous heart surgeries, what medications you are taking, whether or not you have a history of pulmonary embolisms, etc. A good dentist in Somerville will work very hard to maintain your personal well being, and that is exactly what Cambridge Dental Associates will do to the utmost of their abilities. When it comes to your dental care, you want someone who is very skilled in their profession, and these dentists in Somerville fully understand this.

One other thing aside from professionalism that you should try to find in a good dentist in Somerville is an open schedule so that you will not be forced to miss work or any other important event. Their office hours are quite open from Monday through Friday, eight AM to six PM and should allow for you to work around your schedule. However, if you are having an emergency such as being in pain or you happen to damage something they previously fixed, then do not fear because they will strive to fit you in their schedule on the same day. Each and every client is equally important to each dentist in Somerville, so they work very hard to stay on schedule with each appointment. However, due to some unforeseen circumstances, some appointments may take longer than others, so they might be off schedule by a few minutes. This could work to your advantage, but you should be completely confident that the quality of care you receive from Cambridge Dental Associates will meet or even exceed your expectations and work for your benefit.