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Dental Implants Cambridge

At Cambridgeside Dental Associates the customers are provided with imperative information that helps patients to be familiar with their unique dental services. The online website also provides customers with detailed information about the dentists as well as their areas of specialization. The dentists introduce themselves by providing the patients with high quality dental care and exclusive dental services such as Dental Implants Cambridge, cosmetic services, specialty services and more. Customers seeking Dental Implants Cambridge services at Cambridgeside Dental Associates must first set an appointment date and time with one of the specialized dentists in their dynamic team. In the initial appointment, the patient's chosen dentist offers explains to the patient about the diagnosis and treatment procedure of the dental implant. Throughout the appointment, the patients are encouraged to become involved in their treatment procedure in order for them to fully understand the treatment they will receive.

After the consultation process about the required Dental Implants Cambridge services, the patient is also required to provide X-rays, a list of their current medical prescription and completed forms about the patient's dental insurance. The specialists at Cambridgeside Dental Associates schedule the patient's appointment as promptly as possible and also consider if the patients are pain or are suffering through an emergency situation. Dental Implants Cambridge services are designed for those patients who have lost their teeth. These dental implants provide a foundation for replacement teeth that look, feel and function like natural teeth. During the dental implant, the implants that are tiny titanium posts are placed in to the jawbone where the teeth are missing. The bone further bonds with the titanium and creates a strong base for artificial teeth. In addition these implants also help conserve facial structure and also prevent bone deterioration that occurs when the teeth are missing. Patients opting for Dental Implants Cambridge services are required to go through two surgical procedures. After the implants are placed in the jawbone, there is another surgery following after three to six months.

This second surgery uncovers the implants and attaches a small healing collar. With this, the implant specialist starts making the patient's new teeth with further attaching posts or attachments connected to the implant. Dental Implants Cambridge services offers an implant procedure using the latest dental implant technologies. The dental implants are metal anchors that act as a tooth root substitutes and are surgically placed in to the jawbone. After the placement of the implants, small posts are attached to the implant which project through the gums. Therefore these posts provide steady anchors for the artificial teeth replacement. The dental implant specialists enable the patient's facial contours to remain unchanged as well as have natural and strong teeth. With opting for Dental Implants Cambridge services, the patients who have lost their teeth are able to regain the ability to eat just about anything and also smile with great confidence. The entire procedure takes six to eight months with the patients experiencing no disruption in their daily lives.