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Cosmetic Dentist Cambridge

If you are concerned that maybe they will not be able to take care of your dental needs, then there is no reason to worry, as they offer a full range of cosmetic dental services. Such services include Zoom! teeth whitening services, which will whiten your teeth an average of 8 times lighter that they were previously; teeth bleaching, which includes a stent that forms around your jaw structure that you fill with the bleaching product; Invisalign, which is the clear alternative to braces, allows you to remove them at any time while also being invisible so that you do not have to be self conscious while you straighten your teeth; veneers, which are thin shells of ceramic that fit directly on top of your teeth and are highly resistant to things like coffee that will stain your teeth, and they even look real; and the last is bonding, which is a restorative method if you so happen to chip or damage a tooth - they are not as strong as the real tooth, so typical repair time is usually around 3-5 years. A cosmetic dentist in Cambridge from this dental office is fully equipped to take on whatever concerns you have towards your dental work.

Besides finding a cosmetic dentist in Cambridge, there are also some other services that you are sure to want so you can maintain that smile. At Cambridgeside Dental Associates, they provide a full range of dental care, including periodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics, dental implants, TMJ and TMD treatment, root canal therapy, tooth extractions, oral cancer screening, complete oral exams, professional dental cleaning, sealants for adults and children, home care education, emergency care and treatment, porcelain inlays and onlays, composite fillings that are the same color as your teeth, porcelain crowns/caps, dentures as well as partial dentures, and porcelain fixed bridges. Your cosmetic dentist in Cambridge should offer all of these services, and you won't have to worry about sacrificing one need just so you can receive such high quality dental care for another. This facility treats all of their patients with the same respect and quality care that they would anyone else with. You should expect this much attention to detail when it comes to your smile, and a cosmetic dentist from Cambridgeside Dental Associates will be able to cover all your needs.