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Cambridge Root Canal

Of all the different types of dental work that are performed every year in Cambridge a root canal is perhaps one of the most feared and most misunderstood. The need for this type of procedure is usually caused by an infection in the tissue and nerves that exist under the crown or your teeth. These nerves are protected by a "pulp" like material in the middle of the tooth, a small percentage of the nerves and blood vessels actually exist above the gum line while the rest go down through the root of each tooth through the canal. You may be told you need a root canal if a Cambridge dentist finds evidence of structural damage from an injury or excessive tooth decay that has gotten to the point where the enamel or dentin have broken down to the point where the nerves have been exposed. You will know this has happened before your dentist does because when the nerves become exposed you will most likely experience a lot of pain that will not go away often even after medication.

Often you will be told you need a root canal by a Cambridge dentist when he feels that there is no other way to save the tooth at which point the only other option may be to remove the tooth and replace it with an implant or a bridge. For most people this process can be quite painful if the nerves are not completely anesthetized before the procedure is started. The process itself involves cleaning and removing all signs of decay and debris from the areas inside the tooth in question. The next step in a root canal by a Cambridge dentist is to pack the inside of the tooth to prevent any foreign materials such as food from getting in and causing an infection, he may also install a post to give the tooth more structural strength. He will then fill the tooth in and seal it to provide you with a healthy tooth that should remain healthy and pain free for a number of years. There are over 14 million root canals performed in this country every years making it one of the most common dental procedures and saving millions of teeth. Having your dentist in Cambridge do a root canal instead of removing the tooth is far more preferential as a natural tooth may look and function far better than many of the alternatives.

However, you should be aware that not all insurances will pay for a root canal as it is far less expensive to just have your tooth pulled and very few if any dental insurance plans cover cosmetic replacement teeth. If you are looking for a dentist to perform a root canal in Cambridge consider setting up an initial screening appointment with Cambridgeside Dental. Your initial appointment will involve having x-rays taken of your teeth and a complete consultation with the dentist so that he can explain both the diagnosis of the problems with your teeth and the treatment options available to you. In the case of an emergency you may even be able to be treated on the same day.