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For a teenager there is nothing worse in the world than going to the dentist and being told that they are going to need to have braces put on their teeth. It conjures up images of tons of metal glued to their teeth that leaves them afraid to smile and show their teeth for any reason whatsoever until the braces come off, which could take from several months to several years. Today one of the most popular braces being used in Cambridge is the Invisalign. These new style braces are made to be almost invisible so that even teenage girls will not complain about having to wear them. In Cambridge, Invisalign brace are the latest solution to a problem that has been plaguing teenagers and young adults for over 60 years. In recent dental surveys it has been found that over 90% of the adults who answered the survey said that if they had no other choice but the metal braces, they would not bother getting their teeth straightened but would rather live with crooked teeth.

The only way they would even consider getting braces would be if they could use the Invisalign brace, surveys amongst teenagers come up with similar numbers even though it is in the hands of their parents in the end. One of the other reasons that most people turn to a Cambridge Invisalign specialist to create a custom set of braces for them is comfort. Each Invisalign brace is custom molded to the individual patient's teeth, gums and cheeks to provide the best possible fit and eliminate any sore spots caused by rubbing. Unlike metal braces that are glued in place, these braces are easily removed so that the wearer can eat and drink normally. In fact the patient is supposed to take them off at mealtimes and to brush their teeth as they would normally. One of the concerns that many Cambridge Invisalign dentists express is the fact that these braces can be easily removed. In order for braces to be successful in straightening the patient's teeth they must wear their braces.

Dentists recommend that the patient wears his or her braces for no less than 20 to 22 hours every day. This should provide them with more than enough time for meals and to provide for proper dental hygiene routines and to clean the Invisalign devices themselves. It is not recommended that you take any time off from wearing your device as this defeats the purpose of having them. If your teeth are not as straight as you would like them to be and you are looking for a Cambridge Invisalign dentist to take care of your needs then look no further than Cambridgeside Dental. Here you will find specialists that can fit you with a set of Invisalign braces that will have your smile a straight as it should have been naturally. They will work with you and your smile until you are 100% satisfied that you have a smile that you are truly proud to show off to the world.